Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Walk a mile in my small publisher shoes...

Faerie Magazine Issue #24 is almost complete and ready to print. Our goal is to have this issue to our subscribers by the end of January 2013.

If you'd like to know more, please read on.
Faerie Magazine is experiencing the same financial climate that most small businesses are facing. Funding is almost impossible to find, even though we have worked with the Small Business Administration all along, pre-approved for loans, etc. It would have been very easy to close the doors, wrap things up and walk away instead of facing the expense of competing in the current marketplace.
However,  Faerie Magazine provides something special  (as many others have also expressed), something that should remain. I am committed to keeping it going and instead of making small leaps and bounds to that goal, I have decided to take a non-traditional and much broader approach to overcome the obstacles and open the doors to those who are interested in being a part of the solution.


 Life really was easier in black and white.

On a personal note, I would like to explain what is happening 'behind the scenes'. Suffice to say that my personal life took a nose dive in the beginning of 2012. Almost losing a child almost took the wind from my sails. It was at that same time that payroll ran dry and it became just me, working all aspects of the business. No sane person would attempt to run this company alone, but having no choice, I plugged away. Surely I could do this! And plug away I did. Next issue was due soon, I had to hurry.
Three weeks later, in the beginning of May, my Mom became suddenly ill and wanted nothing more than not to be in an institution. I gladly cleared the only place available in my home, the Faerie Magazine offices, for her hospice care.  Four of my friends came over and within 4 hours, the offices were cleared and my Mom was brought to my home with full hospice equipment.  My Dad also joined her, in the clerical office, which was also cleared quickly for this purpose.  Nothing in the entire world mattered at the time, I was watching my Mom slip away and was powerless against this fate that would forever change the way I viewed the world. The computers and office materials were stacked in boxes, in corners, walkways, etc. There were moments when I could work on customer service, do a bit of design work or editorial but my heart was heavy and I could have not been more disenchanted. My Mom remained in my home until she passed away on July 3, 2012. For those of you who are close to your Moms, or have had similar experiences, you know the overwhelming heartache and how this can impede how we operate.  For me, after all was said and done, and the Faerie Magazine offices were put back together and life needed to resume as usual, I was still disenchanted.

My Mom and my daughter.

I made many attempts to complete the next issue, our subscribers were waiting and this wasn't fair to them. They paid money for a subscription and I was expected to deliver the product. And so I would. I spent many hours compiling and designing and found it very difficult to stay on track. I became master of avoidance. Certainly I could complete this issue and get it out quickly! Oh, and aside from the compilation of the magazine, there was the matter of advertising, selling it, collecting it, etc. It seemed overwhelming and worst of all, I noticed that the magazine was not the product I was trying to put out there, it was the product of a disenchanted woman, creating something alone. And worse, advertisers had no money, how was I to pay for the print? I simply had to try harder. So try harder I did. 
Once I noticed that so much time was passing, I knew I needed help. I was still very upset about losing my Mom and now I was overwhelmed. I thought about writing an email to subscribers to let them know what was happening but then decided that nobody wanted to hear my sob story, just keep going and work harder. Or, find a way to work smarter. I went to a psychiatrist and got medication to help me focus and move forward. I needed to manage my business effectively. I talked to our distributor for Barnes and Noble, who reminded me that Faerie Magazine is a very successful product. They have always wanted many more copies of the magazine than we could ever afford to send them. I also would occasionally talk to subscribers who called the office and always heard the same thing, "Please don't stop making Faerie Magazine, just let us know what is happening". With words of encouragement, I plugged away.
There is also the matter of Mermaids, and Pirates Magazine, both waiting in the wings.
How could it possibly be that after 7 years of successful beautiful publications, I could be in such a position? Each day of losing time meant the goal slipped away even more. I had to make a decision. The decision was that Faerie Magazine must go on, I know that it has meaning and value to many. I proceeded to look for funding, ways to pay people to do what I currently wasn't able to do. In the meantime, I would print Issue #24 and at least our subscribers would be assured that this was not a hoax, a rip off or an ill intent, as subscriptions were still available on our website.

I found a funding program, downloaded the 28 page application and began to fill it out. But oh, that meant I had to make sure the tax returns were up to date, and 2011 wasn't. Oh. No money for the accountant.  Mind you, this is all my problem, my business, my responsibility. It was overwhelming.

I reached out to a few people who were all willing and happy to help, and for no pay - simply to help achieve this goal of moving forward. So wonderful are they!
The most revealing fact that came with the turmoil of 2012 is that I am the one who holds the vision of what our readers want.  In my absence, there is nobody who can/will take my place. It is a bit charming yet very overwhelming. When I became psychologically unable to produce enchantment, there was nobody to take my place. Given the right circumstances, I could have overseen the project but not fully participate.  I was stuck in a maze of overwhelming emotion and sadness. This must change as I am a human and the business must go on.

Additionally, I am well aware that to compete in today's marketplace, Faerie Magazine must and will be available digitally. Had I borrowed the funds and printed a disenchanted version of Faerie Magazine, it would have been a bad move for two reasons. 1. Not the real Faerie Magazine and 2. Any funds put forth (as meager as they are) must ensure growth.
My beautiful Mama.
Now, my Mom has been gone for 6 months and I realize that I can make it. It is in her honor and my resolve to overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of producing Faerie Magazine, Issue #24.  I am a strong woman, with more knowledge and wisdom that I had 6 months ago. Instead of being knocked down, I am empowered. I have come up with creative solutions to obstacles. They are non traditional methods of achieving success. Tough times call for tough measures.

I believe money is to be earned. I am contacting 25 businesses and artists concerning advertising, asking for support, a win-win situation. I have a few other ideas about how to raise money to pay for some of the business matters which must be addressed such as customer service, submissions, accounting, etc.  As I move forward, I will post progress on this blog. I will keep everyone informed of the nice things that are happening as I reach out for solutions.

I am working my way back to feeling the enchantment and so excited to share the empowerment that comes from endurance and resolve of one small business, actually one person, who is committed to conquer the seemingly impossible.  I am open to ideas of empowerment of any kind.
If you'd like to be part of the solution, please leave a comment below or email me at Kim@faeriemagazine.com. I am seeking positivity, encouragment and empowerment.

To our subscribers, you will be rewarded for your patience and tolerance, I promise you this.
To those in the industry to might be able to help, I can, in exchange, provide a portal to a very large demographic of readers who are sincere, compassionate and kind. Our readers are looking for enchantment, and they are patiently waiting.
And to my Mama, who instilled all the proper components of being a good person, and who taught me that I can achieve my goals if handled with integrity and honesty, I will make you proud!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Beaker Event

My nephew found a little cardinal outside our door today. She had been hurt so we cleaned her face with q-tips. We placed her in a terrarium meant to be for a fairy garden. She seemed to improve once we cleaned her off and gave her some alone time.We named her Beaker. She stood on our fingers, looked around and even sang a bit. Sadly, she went to birdie heaven within a couple of hours after her 'perk up'. I'm glad to know that her final hours were spent protected from prey, in a fairy terrarium!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kim's Great Adventure!

Wow! I have many years of art supplies and vintage goodies in my attic, in storage units and at my daughters house. I'm selling them. I want to downsize and focus on things I love most.
This leads to 'The Adventure".
The adventure is -
to earn enough money from sales of 'stuff' to pay for a trip to Europe this fall, 2012!
Exciting! And lots of work! I love my 'stuff' but I have to much 'stuff'. It's good quality stuff that I'm hoping someone else will be able to utilize, at a fair price. Win, win. Making it an adventure will help me focus. Sharing my adventure will help keep me focused! I'm going to share what has sold and how much I earned toward the goal of $5,000.00 Expensive, I know, but I need to visit my parents in law in Germany and I need to visit Ireland, Scotland and England. Need is a strong word but for internal reasons, I feel it's a need.
I went to Ebay and began listing on Sunday, 3/19/2012. I priced things to sell them quickly.
This lot of Tupperware sold for $12.00. Right away. Yay!
I have a couple of other items listed, I keep checking them to see how many watchers, etc. I have to get back to work!!!
Ca-ching, ca-ching, I'm so excited to think that I might actually be able to take this trip! Or, is it a pipe dream?
I'll keep you posted!
$12.00 and counting...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Working from home...

I was working in my office and heard nothing. I walked by the bedroom and nothing was moving. But this is what I saw. Titled, "I do not know how this stuffing came out of the pillow" on fb, I know my friends will love seeing Lucy, like this.
Some of the most rewarding properties of working from home is the availability to capture moments like these. Well, that and rising gas prices...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Been so long...

Ok, confession time. I haven't blogged since late in 2010. I came across the blog while looking through one of my favorite blogs, CakesDuSoliel.blogspot.com. Wow! I don't know if anyone will see this post. Hmmm. La de da.. Is there a good reason to blog? Could the daily musings of a small publisher be of interest? Could I even keep up with it? Who am I asking?

Random thoughts, throwing it out there!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Looking for Faeries - The Victorian Tradition

The Bendigo Art Gallery in Australia is kicking off a new exhibit.

They write, "In Victorian England, the possibility of a parallel realm alive with fairies, elves and other ethereal creatures preoccupied the minds of the general public. Today's fairies are often portrayed as twee childhood daydreams, but during the later part of the 19th century faerieland was a very adult preoccupation and, at times, verged on the sinister. Far from benign, nature sprites were often used as explanation for the unexplained, wreaked havoc on households and conducted themselves according to their own particular non-human logic. Looking for faeries brings together more than 160 extraordinary works that reflect upon the imagination and extraordinary legacy of the Victorian fairy tradition."

I thought that was a very nicely stated short description of Victorian fairy traditions.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mail Call

I received a beautiful piece of correspondence in the mail today. The envelope is soft cotton with the most perfect soft wrinkles and folds. It has a waxed seal with the initial "F" and hand glued rhinestones that create two lovely flowers. How refreshing to receive something so beautiful! It made me take pause - what is it that makes beautiful mail so special? First and foremost, I appreciate the thoughts and efforts made especially for Faerie Magazine. And I know it was initally and thoroughly created specifically for Faerie Magazine because it had our name on the other side! The contents were already sealed when the envelope was decorated! I want to send beautiful letters in beautiful envelopes too! I began to think - how could we begin a 'beautiful things' pen pal club? How many people would be interested? How old fashioned, and fun!