Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kim's Great Adventure!

Wow! I have many years of art supplies and vintage goodies in my attic, in storage units and at my daughters house. I'm selling them. I want to downsize and focus on things I love most.
This leads to 'The Adventure".
The adventure is -
to earn enough money from sales of 'stuff' to pay for a trip to Europe this fall, 2012!
Exciting! And lots of work! I love my 'stuff' but I have to much 'stuff'. It's good quality stuff that I'm hoping someone else will be able to utilize, at a fair price. Win, win. Making it an adventure will help me focus. Sharing my adventure will help keep me focused! I'm going to share what has sold and how much I earned toward the goal of $5,000.00 Expensive, I know, but I need to visit my parents in law in Germany and I need to visit Ireland, Scotland and England. Need is a strong word but for internal reasons, I feel it's a need.
I went to Ebay and began listing on Sunday, 3/19/2012. I priced things to sell them quickly.
This lot of Tupperware sold for $12.00. Right away. Yay!
I have a couple of other items listed, I keep checking them to see how many watchers, etc. I have to get back to work!!!
Ca-ching, ca-ching, I'm so excited to think that I might actually be able to take this trip! Or, is it a pipe dream?
I'll keep you posted!
$12.00 and counting...

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