Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kiva’s 20th Anniversary Reunion Concert

For the Winter, 2005 issue of Faerie Magazine, I did an article on an amazing, magical band called Kiva. On Saturday, August 8, I was fortunate enough to attend their 20th anniversary reunion concert at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring, MD. In addition to the seven current core members (Ariana, Diana S., David, Diana M., Jim, Tim and Tigre), ten former and satellite Kiva musicians arrived to sing and play. It made for a very crowded stage but an all-encompassing sound! An Eastern dance troupe called Sister Luna was included in the festivities, adding a wonderful visual component to the show. The audience members themselves were also fascinating to behold, clothed in all manner of interesting dress. There were men in kilts, ladies in in shimmering gowns and even a young woman in elf ears! All in all, the performance lasted from 8 p.m. to well after midnight, and many audience members danced enthusiastically the entire time. At the show, Kiva offered a limited edition pre-release of their upcoming cd, So Far. It’s not leaving the cd changer in my car any time soon!


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