Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Spirit

This past Sunday, I was driving home through a nearby neighborhood with very large, well groomed houses built in the 1920's, many of them newly decorated for the Christmas holiday. Christmas music was playing on my radio but I was resistant to the spirit of Christmas, saddened because my brother is no longer with us. When I rounded a particular corner in said neighborhood, there was a very large tree, four stories tall that a local tree service decorates with lights and the neighbors were gathering for the 'lighting of the tree'. It was charming. When I arrived home, I had an email from Sue Miller, artist of the image attached to this post. You see, Sue also lost her brother this year. I was encouraged that although Sue is feeling the same feelings, she painted a Santa! And I love this Santa! And I love Christmas! Thank you Sue, for helping to bring back the Christmas spirit!

See more of Sue's art at www.suemillerart.com

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  1. How would we get through the darkest days of the year without Christmas? We hope that you had a happy time and found comfort and joy with your family and friends.
    Very best wishes to Faerie Magazine and all fairy followers for 2010.